Running business to a higher standard

The CSR targets we set ourselves each year reflect the needs of the world around us and challenge how effective we can be within the communities surrounding our locations and investments. By listening to our stakeholders we can understand our customers’ needs. This creates long term value for our shareholders while contributing to the wider society.
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We’re determined to deliver the quality of service that our customers expect. We believe that better business decisions come from having a vibrant organisation that values inclusiveness and embraces difference. This enables us to create an inclusive workplace where all our employees can be themselves, realise their potential and deliver their best performance. Our people are engaged and empowered to deliver results because they are actively engaged in understanding diverse sets of views.

We set ourselves public targets for 2017 and will develop new targets for 2018. Our existing public targets are to:

In 2017

  • Deliver employee roadshows in all locations that test our performance with employees against business principles
  • work with Open Corporates to improve our company structure disclosure to stay ahead of beneficial ownership transparency
  • Deliver local sustainability reports for India First Life and US businesses.
  • Provide financial education to at least 200 teachers and 3000 students to better prepare them for their future.
  • Communicate externally to stakeholders our policy on big data usage.
  • Invite external stakeholders to at least two roundtables that will help strengthen our Corporate Governance and Sustainability policies.

By 2020

  • Deliver our 50:50 by 2020 gender mix through recruitment and retention initiatives.