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Diversity & Inclusion

Difference adds value: whether it’s coming up with a different way of looking at the world or the willingness to call out when something doesn’t look right or fair.

Innovation and strong governance are key ingredients to the success of our business: that’s the real value of diversity. We don’t just get the same voices around the table. We value everyone’s point of view and are open to new perspectives. We encourage a disruptive mind-set, a positive one which helps us to be thought leaders rather than followers.

Our hugely ambitious 50/50 by 2020 initiative which started in 2014, continues to push hard on gender diversity, ensuring our board is diverse and working hard to remove the barriers to women’s progression throughout the organisation.

Our vision

We strive to be a vibrant business that values inclusiveness and embraces difference, where our employees are engaged and empowered to deliver business results because better business decisions come from a diverse set of views.

How we aim to achieve our vision

  • Culture: Creating the right culture for diversity and inclusion to flourish.
  • Insight: Understanding where we are now, setting goals and measuring our progress towards becoming more diverse.
  • Communication: Engage our leaders, employees, customers and stakeholders in the diversity agenda.